Hi Everyone – Bon Appétit

Thanks for checking out my blog – very happy you’re here! I am a self-proclaimed foodie, who really loves to cook for people I love.

I have always wanted to start a food blog but it wasn’t until recently my husband – Peter; encouraged me to start one. I would constantly be taking pictures of the beautiful dishes I would make for us but what would I do with them?? Store them in my Iphone, which would just take up loads of storage.

It wasn’t until one day……

“Why are you taking photos of everything you make?” Peter would say.

Responding to him. . . .”Oh, I don’t know. The food looks so beautiful – I can’t resist.”

“You should do something with the photos you take – like share them somehow with the world.” He said.

This began to be a constant exchange between the two of us.

My passion for cooking really didn’t start until I was living on my own – in a tiny apartment in Long Island, New York. I loved that apartment so much! I grew up a lot living on my own (I highly recommend it to EVERYONE). I moved out in 2015, taking with me the kitchen basics that my mother instilled in me while living under my parents’ roof.

Living on your own comes with a lot of responsibilities; you are not splitting those responsibilities with a roommate(s). The bills, food/grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. it’s all on YOU. Yes it might sound scary but it is very liberating! Those were the best 4 years of my twenties – here’s just a small portion of what I did learn. . . .

  • Builds your confidence – living alone gives you an opportunity to chart your own course.
  • You learn new skills – whether you are managing a fixer-upper, balancing several types of bills/expenses, teaching your self a new hobby, etc.
  • Self-reflection – gives you an opportunity to discover exactly who you are deep down inside and become the person you want to be in your own time and most importantly on your own schedule.
  • Discover what True Freedom really feels like – Want to binge-watch your favorite Real Housewives franchise on a random Tuesday? Do it – No Judgement!! When you live alone, you get to do what you want, when you want and how you want without having to think about what anyone else thinks about it. NO SHAME.

Favorite thing to come out of my twenties was my passion for cooking. Fast forward a few years – some dishes burnt, some dishes savored, some recipes shared; this little space on the World Wide Web has become what it is today – Just a Newlywed in the Kitchen.

Peter and I married August of 2019 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (which is where I am originally from); and then our fur child (a Golden Retriever puppy) came home to us October 2019.

Two became Three rather quickly; with marriage came more responsibilities, a bigger kitchen ( yay! ) and more recipes to explore.

Here’s to the journey that I am sharing with my Husband – Peter, and ‘golden child’ – Bella. One home cooked meal at a time. And now you – the World Wide Web.

Thanks for reading and cooking up these recipes we love!

See you in the Kitchen.

xoxo – Leah

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