This Kitchen is Seasoned with Love.

I said “Yes” to Him and A Bigger Kitchen!

“Don’t be afraid to take Whisks.”

— Unknown.

So we are Engaged – On to the next chapter of our lives!

Peter and I hadn’t lived together until about 2 months before our wedding. So you can imagine how much ‘stuff’ we had to move into our home together. Each of us lived alone, so we had a bunch of kitchen gadgets, utensils, tools, dinnerware, etc.

I’ll be completely honest, and transparent with you – living solo and on a budget; YES – people a BUDGET was hard!! (But totally doable) I got all of my kitchen gadgets, utensils, tools from the Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and the Kitchen Collection (went out of business).

Super inexpensive, and I’ll be honest Dollar Tree sells Betty Crocker tools, gadgets. I mean; we all know who Betty Crocker is – right??

So moral of this little stroll down memory lane of my trips to the Dollar Tree is that you don’t need to break the bank if you are just starting out cooking. If you are thinking about starting a hobby with cooking and/or baking – there are inexpensive tools out there to get started and are very useful.

Another plus of saving money with Dollar Tree kitchen gadgets is more money for Shoes, Handbags, Makeup and Lashes (which is another passion of mine). Many of these gadgets that I started out cooking and baking with I still have in my kitchen drawers and cabinets. . . . .#winning

One of my favorite things to do when we got engaged was to create a wedding registry. Actually – ALL the wedding planning tasks were my favorite. I really enjoyed planning the wedding. NO BRIDEZILLA HERE!!

It was one of the first things we did together – after our date was chosen of course!

We chose your #basic stores; Macys and Bed Bath and Beyond. I’ve always loved both of those stores; they are inexpensive, able to STACK discount codes and/or coupons so its a WIN WIN for everyone.

Some of My Favorite Items that we Received and you’ll see on the Blog:

Let’s Get Cooking with these Fabulous Upgraded Kitchen Gadgets.

See you in the Kitchen,

xoxo Leah

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