Time to Huddle around the Snack Table

“The Best Super Bowl is a super bowl of SALSA”. . . . or in our case it was Hummus this year.

We hosted a Super Bowl party this year – so it was a hectic evening full of hungry men, a screaming baby, a puppy running around picking up the crumbs off the floor and two women just trying to get a some delicious dishes to the table.

Oh boy – did it feel good when I finally did get a chance to sit down and watch the half time show!

Yass – JLO and Shakira. We waited for the night and the hips didn’t lie. (see what I did there. . . .??). I was hoping for Pit Bull to come out so I was surprised when Bad Bunny and J Balvin made their debut. But I enjoyed it – and the rest of the game as the men cleaned up the dishes!! It’s all about compromising!

Below are links to the recipes I cooked up for the night – great party food and crowd pleasers.

Enjoy – see you in the Kitchen
xoxo Leah

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